What’s going on around here?


What’s the deal with the name? Did you forget how to spell “rolling”?

If there’s one thing in this world I know how to do, it’s spell. So, no. Of course now that I said that, you’re probably going to go find a billion spelling errors. But anyway. The name “The Roving Stone” refers to my own last name, which is – you guessed it – Stone! I’m so good at wordplay! I tried to get “The Rolling Stone” because that sounds catchier, but somebody had already taken it…

What’s the point of this thing? Why am I here?

Well, I can’t tell you why you are here, but I can tell you why I am here. I started this blog as a place to talk about my small adventures, my big mistakes, and my infinite thoughts. My mom also keeps telling me I need to put myself out there more, so maybe this will get her off my back.

Why are you so obsessed with cats?

Um. Have you seen a cat before? This one speaks for itself.

Where can I find you on other internet places?

I’m so glad you asked! You can find me at kaitlin@rovingstone.com, on Facebookon Instagramand on Twitter.

Where did the amazing, splendid, gorgeous, incredible artwork you use in your logo (and other things) come from?

It came from my wonderful friend’s Etsy store, which you can find right HERE!