About The Roving Stone


I write. I adventure. I photograph. I educate. I learn.

I do a lot. I just can’t promise that I do it all well.

I’m a twentysomething nanny, student, poet, writer, and photographer. Who’s to say if I’m an amateur or a professional? Right now I call Montana home, but Colorado, Wyoming, and Florida have held the title in the past. Hopefully, many more places will hold it in the future. I seek adventures every day ~ whether it be in the pages of a book, alongside “my” kiddos, or out there in the great unknown. I’m also on a mission to pet every cat in the world. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

To get in touch with questions, comments, or pictures of cats, you can reach me at kaitlin@rovingstone.com, or through my Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page.


Adventure is everywhere.